Rachel Griffin, Adv PC,

  Hyp.C, MHS, MNCS

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 8.30am till 21.00pm

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Rachel Griffin

Accredited Psychotherapeutic



When I first got in touch with Rachel it was through one of my friends who gave me one of her cards. I gave her a ring and found she was warm and understanding. Our first meeting was very difficult for me, as I was in a dark and lonely place, but I knew I needed help. It was the hardest thing  I've ever had to do but as the weeks went by it became easier. Rachel has helped me feel alive and strong and confident in myself. I feel my life is now worth living and I understand who I am. She has worked wonders with me and I highly recommend her. I am so grateful I can not thank her enough.

G - Depression/Separation

I had been suffering from anxiety  for many years before I met Rachel and it was stopping me living my life to the full. I worked with Rachel for 6 Weeks and feel like a different person. We worked on REBT (rational behaviour therapy), that gave me insight to how my thoughts run away with me and ways to change that. I'm not going to kid you, Rachel always gave homework and the sessions could be hard but I always felt she understood and was there just for me. I now have the life I wanted and my  kids think I’m a different  person. I cant  thank you enough Rachel. I will always recommend you.

L - Anxiety

I found out about Rachel from picking up one of her cards. I was told by  friends that they thought I might need some counselling after the death of my wife. Rachel was very considerate and caring and helped me immeasurably to come to terms with my grief. I found in her therapy room I could express and explore all the emotions that I was going through, good and bad, in a non judgemental environment.  Thank you so much.

G - Bereavement

When I meet Rachel my anger issues were coming in between me and my partner The menopause had changed my personality , I felt useless and un needed didn't know what I had done with my life, Rachel was a life line understanding and caring, she helped my partner and I get back on track helped us reconnect with each other. Everyone should have counselling it  really does help and I would always recommend Rachel.